Frozen Desserts

Roma’s Gelato is not just a gelato store. We also offer delightfully delicious frozen desserts. These include gelato pops (gelato on a stick), gelato cakes, and sorbet (English for sorbetto).

Gelato Pops

Gelato Pops

Gelato pops provide the same deliciousness as gelato in a cup, but in a much more portable form. You only need one hand to eat this. Most people have no trouble walking while enjoying their gelato pop, but there are those whose taste buds rule and they are forced to sit on a park bench to completely savor the creamy, sweet, fruity taste that is like none other. We get creative with our pops so that you will often have a choice of flavor combinations that will send your taste buds all the way to Italy and back in a matter of seconds.  Too bad your body can’t go along on the trip.

Another of our delicious frozen desserts is our gelato cake. This is an Italian delicacy that is not to be missed. We prepare our cakes in the Italian “semi-freddo” style (meaning half-frozen). This technique creates a perfect consistency which eliminates the need to let the cake sit out before serving. Our gelato cakes can be created in any of the flavors of gelato we offer at any one time; the number of our gelato flavors will always be 18 – but will rotate – and there will always be 6 different flavors of sorbet making a total of 24 flavors from which to choose for the flavors of the cakes. Although the majority of our cakes are two flavors, you may choose up to three flavors for your custom-ordered cake.

Last, but certainly not least, is our wonderful sorbet. Sorbet is a delicacy that was, perhaps, enjoyed throughout history as a palate cleanser as much as a decadent dessert. Sorbet is favored after a particularly filling meal because it provides the sweetness that is craved while at the same time being so very light, delicious, and low calorie due to its lack of dairy. An example of the six sorbet flavors you might find in Roma’s Gelato are: strawberry, mango, lemon, blueberry, orange, and banana.

When travelers go to Italy, they are told that it is a requirement that they experience the gelato or other frozen desserts.  When you visit Roma’s Gelato we ask that you pretend that you are in Italy and that you meet your daily gelato consumption quota.  Buona degustazione!

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