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Ice Cream or Gelato?

Is it ice cream or is it Gelato? That is the question. An American just seeing gelato would immediately decide that it looks like our soft-serve ice cream that has been around for years. However, this common mistake is very far from the truth.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Never before has the old adage, ‘looks can be deceiving’, been more true. If you dismiss gelato as simply being a prettied-up soft-serve ice cream and walk on by without tasting this magical concoction, you would have just missed out on the most delightful culinary experience Italy has brought to the modern world.  The difference between ice-cream in the fewest words comes down to:

GELATO = Less fat + little air added = rich creamier taste

Ice cream has a higher fat content and more calories. How the Italians were able to make this fantastic concoction even more tasty than our beloved ice cream is a part of history that goes back many centuries but gained popularity among the Italian masses only in the 1920s.

Premium ice creams are made using fresh cream, real eggs, and natural flavorings. Then air is whipped in to the point that as much as half the carton may be air.

On the other hand, gelato is made with whole milk but significantly less butterfat than ice cream. However, less fat does not mean less taste. With the lower butterfat content, gelato is less solidly frozen than ice cream and melts in the mouth faster. Therefore your taste buds experience the full flavor of the gelato immediately.

The higher density of gelato makes for a richer, creamier taste than you will get from ice cream. More mouth watering  taste than you have ever experienced from a frozen dessert but with less fat and less calories!  Your taste buds are happy and your waistline does not expand! What could be better?

Roma’s Gelato is making gelato daily using the methods and ingredients just as they have been mixed and processed for hundreds of years in Italy with no preservatives!  Edmond Oklahoma is very fortunate to have an Italian fully versed in the methods used by his ancestors making gelato for your taste buds to savor.  Go on by Roma’s Gelato and give it a try. Your taste buds will never want ice cream again!



Gelato vs. Ice Cream

While Italian Artisan Gelato is a product created in Italy, Ice Cream is a much more recent product created in the US.

Here the main differences between Gelato and Ice Cream.

Gelato Ice Cream
Fat content Our Gelato contains between 4% and 6%  butterfat (since there is little or no use of cream). Ice Cream cannot be sold with less than 10% butterfat. It has usually a butterfat content of about 15% or more.
Air content Processing Gelato requires very little air, that is incorporated naturally with slow mixing. This leads to a heavier content for the same volume, or, in other words, more bang for your buck! Ice Cream has an added content of air between 50 and 100%. This leads to less content (in weight) for the same volume.
Sugar Gelato is made ONLY with high quality cane sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. Ice Cream is usually made with high fructose corn syrup.
Serving temperature Gelato is kept in a semifrozen state and melts in your mouth! Ice Cream is kept frozen, and maintains an icy texture.
Texture Gelato tastes rich and creamy despite the low fat content. This wonderful textures is due to less air and semifrozen conservation temperature. The texture of Ice Cream is rougher and less creamy than Gelato often icy.
Price Gelato costs 30 – 50% more than Ice Cream, but since less air is incorporated in the process the real cost is only slightly higher than Ice Cream. Although Ice Cream seems less expensive than Gelato, it has more air incorporated in the process so that the final cost per pound is about the same.

Sorbetto (or Sorbet) is a NON dairy product; for this reason its content of fat is close to ZERO. We have a nice selection of Sorbets in our store.

Directions/Opening Hours

Our store

Our store


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Phone #:
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Store Opening Hours:
(Our store went out of business on
October 17, 2015)

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Thursday: 11:00am to 8:00pm

Friday and Saturday: 11:00am to 9:00pm

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Closing Days:

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Italian Artisan Gelato

We offer a large selection of Gelato and Sorbet flavors.

We offer daily, freshly made, up to 24 different selections. We rotate them among a choice of well over 100 flavors.

It is impossible here to make a complete list of our offerings, because we create new flavors on a regular basis.

Among our favorite gelatos are Tiramisu, Pistachio, Almond, Stracciatella and Strawberry Sorbet.

We garnish our gelato with special sauces and fruits, such as Amarena, Cherry and Chocolate.

Gelato, the healthy choice for dessert

We also offer delicious Gelato Cakes and hand dipped Gelato Popsicles. If you have never tried the world famous Affogato al Caffe’ (which means gelato drowned in espresso coffee), ask our barista for one right away!

We have prepared a page explaining the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream. No high fructose corn syrup goes into our Gelato!!

All our creations benefit from the selection of the highest quality ingredients available, most imported directly from Italy. Our Customers deserve the very best we can offer at a reasonable price, so they will have an authentic Italian experience.



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Italian Artisan Gelato

We make the best Italian Artisan Gelato (that is NOT Ice Cream) , using the traditional techniques, equipment and ingredients of Italy. We are an Italian owned company that believes in serving only superior quality products to our customers. We have available, at any given time, 24 flavors of Gelato and Sorbet prepared with selected ingredients in order to give our Customers a real Italian Experience. Among our offerings you can find also Gelato Cakes, Frozen Desserts including Gelato Hand Dipped Popsicles and Gelato Affogato. No high fructose corn syrup goes into our Gelato!!

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Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte

Only real Italians like us can make the best Espresso and Cappuccino. We prepare a selection of beverages based on Espresso and Cappuccino, using only the best available ingredients and a real Espresso machine.  Large American coffee chains make “Latte” as Italians make cappuccino, and their “Cappuccino” is just coffee and foam. Come visit us and we will show you what a REAL cappucino and latte look like! We also offer flavorings for your espresso based drinks, as well as a selection of pastries. The real Italian Espresso experience at a fraction of the cost of big chains!

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Panini, Tramezzini, Sandwiches

Panini and Tramezzini are made following the Italian method and using only the best ingredients. Tramezzini, also known as sandwiches, have a triangular shape and were introduced for the first time in Turin (Italy). Now the best selection of Tramezzini can be found in Rome (Italy) and in Edmond (OK).

Gelato Oklahoma

If you want the real Italian Artisan Gelato experience, you must try Roma’s Gelato and Cafe’ in Edmond (OK)!

We are an Italian owned company, not a franchise, and we make Gelato with the traditional methods and recipes used in Italy.

We use ONLY top quality ingredients and we are proud that we use the original Italian “hot process”  that gives Gelato a better texture and a total Italian experience. We believe that we are the only artisan shop in the State of Oklahoma that takes the time to add this extra step.

We do not compromise on quality, because our discerning Customers must experience the taste of Italy no matter how far the distance from our wonderful Country. We have a page explaining the main differences between Gelato and Ice Cream. No high fructose corn syrup goes into our Gelato!!

Come visit us!! We are located a few hundred feet from UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) in Edmond (OK)

We offer also Gelato Cakes, Frozen Desserts, Espresso, Cappuccino/Latte, Pastries (discontinued), Panini and Tramezzini (Sandwiches).

No need to plan a trip to Italy when your friendly, local store in Edmond (OK) can give you the same, authentic, Italian experience!

Italian Artisan Gelato
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Espresso, Cappuccino
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Panini, Tramezzini
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