Gelato Oklahoma

If you want the real Italian Artisan Gelato experience, you must try Roma’s Gelato and Cafe’ in Edmond (OK)!

We are an Italian owned company, not a franchise, and we make Gelato with the traditional methods and recipes used in Italy.

We use ONLY top quality ingredients and we are proud that we use the original Italian “hot process”  that gives Gelato a better texture and a total Italian experience. We believe that we are the only artisan shop in the State of Oklahoma that takes the time to add this extra step.

We do not compromise on quality, because our discerning Customers must experience the taste of Italy no matter how far the distance from our wonderful Country. We have a page explaining the main differences between Gelato and Ice Cream. No high fructose corn syrup goes into our Gelato!!

Come visit us!! We are located a few hundred feet from UCO (University of Central Oklahoma) in Edmond (OK)

We offer also Gelato Cakes, Frozen Desserts, Espresso, Cappuccino/Latte, Pastries (discontinued), Panini and Tramezzini (Sandwiches).

No need to plan a trip to Italy when your friendly, local store in Edmond (OK) can give you the same, authentic, Italian experience!

Italian Artisan Gelato
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