Panini, Tramezzini, Sandwiches

Panini is the Italian word for sandwich and it is the plural of panino.

In our panini we not only put passion, but the best of ingredients, mostly imported from Italy.

Although our panini are more expensive than average, the quality is at the top and they are freshly made in our kitchen, right behind the wall of the serving area.

Our panini are made with ingredients like cured meats, cheese, vegetables.

Why do we use products mostly imported from Italy? We do this, despite the higher cost, in order to give the best culinary experience possible. We would never buy “beef bologna made in Germany”. Bologna, or better mortadella, is always made with pork and only in Italy we know how to make it properly.

Roma’s Gelato does not compromise in quality!

We strongly suggest to visit links of ingredients; they contain info provided by Wikipedia:

Some of the cured meat we use are:

Other ingredients we use:

We are also working on finding the right flat bread for tramezzini; tramezzini are present all over Italy and once considered just a snack, they became part of a quick lunch meal for the busy, but discerning, individual. Sort of Italian fast food, but demanding for high quality food.

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